Wood processing – Eko-Las Dobiegniew


We manufacture wet and dried pallets in professional drying chambers for wood.

We hold an IPPC / ISPM certificate.

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kobiety przy paletach


Nasza pełna oferta

Below you can find a range of our basic products manufactured according to customer specifications
If necessary, we also assist our customers in the design process and the selection of the right components in terms of quality and materials with a view to optimising the final cost of the product.
The pallets are nailed together on modern tables with pneumatic clamps to guarantee highly precise assembly.
In the process, we use ring and smooth clinch nails.
We print IPPC signs on a professional, state-of-the-art printer designed for this purpose, which allows us to achieve top print quality.


stosy palet

Single-use pallets, grade 1 – wet, dry

Grade 1 dry pallets are made of top quality softwood, free of bark, dried in professional chambers to a moisture content of 18–20%,
so that they have an ISPM/IPPC certificate.
Grade 1 wet pallets are made of top quality, bark-free softwood and can be made to ISPM/IPPC standard.


Single-use pallets, grade 2 – wet, dry

This grade of pallets is made of mixed wood, free of bark,
a slight blue stain of the wood is acceptable. 

Palety w klasie IPPC - mokre, suche KD

Palety w klasie IPPC - mokre, suche KD

Single-use pallets, grade 3 – wet, dry

They are made of mixed wood, with bark, a blue stain of the wood is acceptable.


Large-size and special pallets

We offer pallets in non-standard sizes according to customer specifications, e.g.
1200 x 3000; 800 x 2400; 800 x 1800.


Palety wielkogabarytowe oraz specjalne